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Our Mission

Saving Our Seniors Home Care (SOS) Provides Safety Of Support To Help Maximize One's Lifestyle

Our Philosophy

Saving our seniors home care (SOS) provides safety and support to help maximize one’s lifestyle. Our focus is to keep seniors of all ages healthy and maintain an independent lifestyle. Through our services of building companionship our seniors will live an enhanced quality of life. SOS fills the gap despite financial limitations and provides services for all. We help our seniors make their own decisions. We as an organization limit nursing home admits and embrace senior independence. We offer affordable services to best meet the needs of our clients.

Our Vision

SOS strives to be the provider of choice for senior care services in the greater Nebraska area by continuing to create an innovative and encouraging environment through staff who provide the best care and companionship for our seniors. The impact of our employee’s enriches the lives of seniors filled with joyfulness and integrity care about saving our seniors and encouraging them to live an independent and joyful lifestyles. 

Our Values

SOS is a client-centered organization that is committed to creating an environment that respects and values individual differences and providing the best care that impacts a senior’s life Committed to excellence and affordability Provide life enrichment.

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